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Created 01/09/2010
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Media Vault

Outside Dimensions Inside  Dimensions Approx. Weight (lbs.)
 H   W D H W D
10 1/2" 11 5/8" 17 1/2" 5 7/8" 6 1/4" 8 7/8" 70


List Price  Promo Price - 1 Unit
(Includes Freight) (Includes Freight)
$840.00 $639.00


THE MEDIA VAULT STORY: More and more businesses and homeowners are storing their records electronically. Even if you back up your computer records and files, they still arenąt safe. Which is why we offer the Media Vault. CDs, zip disks, diskettes, microfiche and data cartridges are more sensitive to heat than paper records, so the Media Vault is specially designed to protect them from the harmful effects of heat, as well as humidity, dust and magnetic fields. The Media Vault is the only media safe of its size to carry a UL Class 125   1-hour rating for insulated record protection equipment. Affordable and compact, the Media Vault works as a stand-alone unit and is small enough to fit under a desk or credenza
TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Computer media such as diskettes, tapes CD’s and zip discs involved in a fire start to warp at 140°F and then cannot be read because of the uneven surfaces.  The Media Safe has been classified by Underwriters Laboratory tests to maintain temperatures less than 125°F for one hour with 1700°F outside temperature.
CONVENIENCE: Prior to the Media Vault, it was necessary to protect media in a First generation stand alone Media Safe or second generation “Transformer” of similar size that was then placed inside a 350°F one-hour rated insulated safe or file.  Because The Media Vault can stand alone, it can be stored on the desk top, in a drawer or next to desk giving easy access for the person using the media.
MOISTURE: The Relative Humidity during the Underwriters Laboratory tests remained below the 80% level at which data may be lost.
AIRBORNE CONTAMINATION: Media stored in the Media Vault are protected from data destroying dust, spays and air heated above 140°F


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