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Key Duplication is a big part in our daily operations.  Our showroom/shop facility has 12 different key machines.  Each machine is uniquely suited to produce a specific type of key.  Our two mobile service vans are each equipped with two key machines.


Pictured Here Is Main Key Machine Table Inside Service Area


Pictured Here Is Key Machine Mounted Inside Service Vehicle

ILCO_Key_Machine keys1

We Make Every Attempt To Duplicate Your Key Correctly The First Time



A key that is gaining popularity in autos is the Transponder Key.  With insurance premiums on the rise, auto manufacturers were forced to invent ways to keep cars from getting stolen.  The Transponder is a type of memory "chip" that is embedded in the head of the key. In order for the car to start, the proper Transponder has to engage the car's on-board computer.  We can reproduce most makes of Transponder Key.  Please contact our sales counter to determine availability and price.

What Is a Transponder?

A transponder is short for: transmitter + responder

The word came into use around 1944. In basic terms a transponder is a miniaturized electronic chip that has what is called nonvolatile memory. Nonvolatile memory is the type of memory that does not need constant energy for retention. Along with that electronic chip is a set of windings, very fine wire coiled around a tube. These windings look similar to the windings you would find in an electric motor.

There are two basic types of transponders. The first are the Electric Coupled Transponder systems. Electric coupled transponder systems are not limited to small areas for transmission but can transmit messages or signals for different ranges of distance including several inches to miles, as used in Satellites and Airplanes. These systems require large amounts of constant electricity to operate.


Ezamples Of Auto Ignition Keys W/ Transponder Head




Transponder Key For Chrysler Transponder Key For Ford

The second type is what automobile manufacturers are using and they are called Magnetic Coupled Transponder systems. Magnetic Coupled Transponder systems are passive in nature. This means they do not require constant electricity and thus do not need a power source of their own. They operate in the frequency range area of 125KHz. Since Magnetic Coupled Transponders do not have their own power source they are very limited to range of communication and generally operate in the range of 1cm to 15cm. Since this is a radio frequency it can penetrate materials that would make the transponder not directly visible, such as the plastic or rubber in the bow of a key.

The process of key identification is similar in most automotive transponder systems. Once a key is inserted into the ignition lock and turned to one of the ‘on’ or ‘run’ positions, the induction coil that is mounted around the ignition lock sends out an electromagnet field of energy. The windings in the transponder chip absorb that energy and power the electronic chip to emit a signal. The signal is usually an alphanumeric set of digits, which is considered the Identification Code. The induction coil reads the signal and sends it to some type of computer device to recognize the signal. If the signal is recognized as being already in the computer’s memory the signal is accepted and other electronic components in the vehicle are set into motion to allow the starting of the vehicle or the continuation of the engine running.

Transponders can be made into several different shapes and sizes and can be used in many different types of applications such as: warehouse pallets, retail clothing, animal management, and of course electronic automobile key identification.


Interstate Security can duplicate high security Laser and Sidewinder type keys found on Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda, Lexus, Mercedes, SAAB, Toyota, Volvo and VW.  These keys are unique and generally have channels or dimples on the blade of the keyblank that interface with the lock system in the auto.

Key Machine Used To Duplicate Sidewinder & Dimple Cut Auto Keys




Examples Of Sidewinder & Dimple Cut Auto Key Blanks




Another procedure used to reproduce a key is by code machine.  In the event that you do not possess a key but have access to the key code, we can generate a replacement key using our data base of key codes and special code machines.  This process is frequently used on auto's, desks, file cabinets and other office products.  In many cases, when you loose your car key, we can reproduce a replacement using this process.









Medeco Keys

Interstate Security, Inc. Capabilities Include: Level I (AIR), Level II (SKY), Level V (GLD), and Medeco 3 - Premium.. 



If You Are Trying To Set Up A Master Key System, Whether Simple Or Complex, Interstate Security, Inc. Can Assist You With System Design, Bitting Development And Keys Generated From Our Code Machine.



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